refreshed handmade artist community

Are you wanting to grow your handmade business but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, like you are chasing squirrels all of the time?

Do you wish you had a community of other business owners to bounce ideas off of, that understand what you are going through?

Have you watched countless Youtube videos trying to learn the latest techniques only to be left with more confusion and overwhelm?

I’ve been there too! I remember the countless hours spent researching every possible topic for my handmade wood sign business. I remember feeling alone and like no one understood the things I was excited about and the things I wasn’t. I remember wishing I had support and community. 

refreshed handmade artist community

What if I told you I had a place you could go to learn how to get more sales, kill overwhelm, gain clarity, and have community with other handmade artists? 

In the Refreshed Handmade Artist Community you get all of that and more. It’s a safe place for encouragement, growth, and building a handmade business you love.

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