The weight of daily life can sometimes make us want to give up on our dreams. We see the never-ending piles of dishes, laundry, etc. We see that kids need help with spelling words, math, and taxied around to practices. It can be so easy to wonder how we will find time to commit to our business. When will you finally be able to reach those goals that could desperately help your family financially? Doubt starts creeping in and quitting starts to look like our only option.

Stop right there. I’m here to give you a few things you can do when you feel burned out. These tips can help you feel inspired again. They can help you want to tackle the tough stuff in your business. So here goes. Here are 4 ways you can get unstuck and move forward in your business.


When your home is messy it is hard to be all in on working. That’s because clutter = confusion. Clutter fills our mind and blocks creativity. Messes create mental weight.

If you lift enough mental weight you will start to feel inspired again. You will feel less guilty about working. Your productivity will go up and so will the quality of your work. Giving yourself permission to ignore your work to-do list for a couple of days can be a huge gift back to your business.


A women journaling to organize her to-do list.

That bill needs to be paid. Billy needs new shoes. What should I make for dinner tonight? Oh yeah, I was supposed to call the doctor’s office. Wait…when are the kids due for their dental cleaning? I should call the dentist’s office too. I don’t remember seeing Sara’s spelling words this week. Did she bring them home? I have a great idea for a Facebook post. I should work on this new product for my business. I need to get back to that customer ASAP.

Can anyone else relate?! These thoughts run through our minds constantly all day, every day. They can even keep us up at night. For me, these thoughts can also lead to anxiety. I’m so nervous about forgetting something that it eats away at me. When my mind is filled it is pretty much impossible for me to feel inspired. Tackling even one item on my list feels impossible.

During times you feel uninspired or overwhelmed, doing a “brain dump” can be a huge help. A brain dump is an opportunity to get out all of the thoughts bouncing around your mind. Here’s how you can capture those thoughts and organize them:

  1. Get a piece of paper and something to write with.
  2. Go someplace quiet. If getting alone isn’t possible, don’t stress. It’s better to get the thoughts out than focus on having the perfect place to do it. Quiet does help though.
  3. Write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t hold back. Don’t worry about getting done the things you list or categorizing them. Just write and write and write and write. Write until you can’t think of even one more thing. Give yourself some time for this step. Don’t rush it. Sometimes when I think I have written everything I will wait a few minutes and try writing again. That way, later on, I don’t have a new set of thoughts bouncing around.
  4. Decide what you can cross off. What are the things you really don’t have to do? It might be an idea for your business but on second thought it’s not a priority. It could be something you want to tell a friend that isn’t important.
  5. Handoff anything you can. For me, this step looks like texting my husband a to-do list. So often a lot of thoughts I am carrying around are things I need my husband to do or fix. It might be communicating something with your kid’s teacher or reminding a friend of something. You get the idea.
  6. Organize what is left. Rewrite all of the phone calls together, all of the business ideas, bills to pay, etc. Once your list is organized you officially have a to-do list that you can take action on! Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck you will be able to move forward. Congrats!


I know. I know. It is HARD to get time alone. As a Wife and Mom of 5, I get it. Hear me out though. There are times that being alone is a must. How in the world are you supposed to spark creativity while someone is yelling, “Mooomm, I pooped!” How are you supposed to take an idea and work on it to the point of FINISHING it when you are constantly being interrupted? The answer is, you can’t.

Working with your family around is necessary most of the time. There are times when working without distraction needs to be non-negotiable though. You must get time alone if you want to level up.

One of the biggest objections I get to this is that their spouse won’t watch the kids so they can work. So often we get our spouse’s permission but we don’t get their support. They are okay with us pursuing our dreams as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them. Hear my heart when I say this. Too Bad. Too bad that they don’t want to watch the kids. Too bad that they don’t want to be impacted. I used to think this was very disrespectful to my husband. The truth is I teach my husband how to treat me. I teach him what is acceptable. I teach him these things because I love and respect him. I want to make sure he has the healthiest wife possible. I do this by setting boundaries and communicating how important my dreams are.So grab your stuff, get your car keys, and spend some time by yourself!


We wish we had more hours in the day. What if instead of more hours we used the time we have more wisely? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help create more time to focus on your dreams.

  • How are you really spending your day? What do you run to when you want to check out? Facebook, Instagram, Netflix? Do you realize just how much time you are spending on your go-to escapes? These are the things that easily take over if we aren’t intentional. Keep track of how much time you are really spending doing each task for a few days. This will give you an understanding of where your day actually goes and not just what you think happens.
  • Do you feel guilty? So often when we are working we feel guilty because we aren’t with our family. When we are with our family we feel guilty for not working. Whatever you are doing, be all in. When you are working, work. When you are cleaning, clean. When you are with your family, be with your family. Let go of any guilt of what you “should” be doing. Just do what you are currently focused on with your whole heart and mind.
  • Who or what do you need to say, “no” to? Helping is great but if you are constantly pulled away from your business you are going to have a very hard time building momentum. People don’t ask you to volunteer for things because it’s what is best for you. Let that sink in. They ask because it’s best for them. Don’t forget that you are in charge of taking control of your schedule. No one is going to make your business a priority for you. If you are feeling stressed about not having enough time to work, consider saying, “no” to some things you have already committed to and remember to say, “no” in the future.

Moving from feeling frustrated to feeling inspired can be as simple as making some changes. Decide your business is important enough to schedule time alone. Say, “no” to things. Use your time wisely and brain dump frequently. Prioritize cleaning your workspace and home from time to time. Making these small changes can have a huge impact on how you view your business and what you are able to accomplish.

So what about you? What was your favorite of the four tips? What do you do when you feel stuck and start thinking about quitting? I want to hear from you. Comment below.

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